Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Why am I tearing up over a gift registry????!!!
I was looking at my little baby brother's gift registry for Bed, Bath, & Beyond today.
I was glad to see that his fiance put her foot down and added something other than red, to some of their requests. In their Target registry EVERYTHING is red, my brother's favorite color. (Obviously 49er red.) So, at the BBB registry there is some blue, which is my future SIL's favorite color and I was proud of her for getting that in. Then I saw that they put those real fluffy, comfortable looking bath robes in their request. I saw how much they were and briefly thought of how much I would love to give those to them and I saw that they were already "fulfilled." And I got teary and almost started crying!
What is up with that?
Maybe because someone else loves them very much. Maybe because something like bath robes is important for newlyweds. Everyone always focuses on the practical stuff and to me the bathrobes are one of those everyday things that are important and fun. They could sit around in their comfy robes, eating strawberries w/whip cream, drinking a little sparkling cider... Just sayin'
It's weird how different things affect me.
Of course, it could just be that I was upset that someone beat me to it and now I have to figure out what to else to get them!


Anonymous said...

so, what else can you get them that is "romantic" and slightly frivolous.....itunes giftcard?
bubblebath packs, his and hers snuggly blankies? how about a snuggle pack, like a basket, with all the stuff in it to stay home all weekend and have a movie marathon. like giftcard for hollywood video, popcorn, sparkling cider, wine goblets, canned whip cream, etc?

jelly of the month club? that was a joke, sorry.

PC said...

LOL - I know what you mean. My little brother is getting married in a few weeks. I have yet to look at their registry but just the thought of it gets me emotional