Tuesday, May 30, 2006


"Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into. So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him."
-Matthew 24:42-44, New International Version

Monday, May 29, 2006

Mocha Frapp on the mind...

Rele and I got to spend time together yesterday. We went out on the Harley and visited w/his parents. We had some delicious food and talked about our as yet, not landscaped backyard. We still aren't sure what to do w/it and have no idea how to go about getting it done even if we had an idea. For some reason he doesn't like my plan. I would like to cement the entire backyard and toss in a few potted plants. Wash & wear!
Anyway, we took the bike home and then met up w/some friends at Chili's. Good times. Thanks UFA and Rittenauer for the munchies & giggles.
There's not much else to report. I'm still struggling w/the (*^^%#%^%$%#^%* cat and carcasses and feathers all over my porch. I did make it to walmart on Sat. morning, EARLY and I am happy to report I made it out alive. The key is to go EARLY!
Well, I'm off to Starbuck's and I'm going to indulge in a Venti mocha frapp, no whip. Really, does it get any better?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

School's Out Baby!

School is out for the summer! We are very fortunate in that Rele is home during the week so we don't have to worry about sitters or daycare. He gets to spend his days w/ALL the kids! We usually try to get TaylarDayne during the week in the summer and she goes to her mom's on the weekends. So, they get to spend time w/their dad who is way less emotional and not prone to nervous breakdowns! How many kids get to spend that much time w/their dad?
The best part is: I work full time. :)

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Just Need To Vent

After my last trip to walmart, aka-My Living Hell, my husband forbid me from going there again w/o him. Or, even better, he said he would do the grcery shopping from now on. Woohoo! We did the shopping together last week and I came out of it more or less unscathed. So, I guess I was feeling brave on Fri. and I decided to make the trip myself w/the kids. Rele works nights and has now started school, so I didn't feel like it was fair for him to spend his one full day off doing the grocery shopping.
Needless to say, I didn't even get to park before there were issues. I get stuck behind the idiot that thinks a Stop sign means to PARK and wait. Then we get into the parking lot and he decides to stop. There was no sign. We had right of way, yet he stopped right in the middle. Idiot! Ok, so I go in the opposite direction and count to 1,000. I tell the kids to please be on "best behavior" so we can avoid a breakdown like the last time we were here.
I get my game face on and go in. Maybe there was a full moon that night, or maybe it's just because it's ghetto, but everyone seemed to be there for attention. You know the kind that want you to look at how funny or cute their bratty kid is, or the people that talk really loud so everyone can see what a good parent they are. My personal favorite, the couple in the aisle that are mauling each other. In the middle of the aisle. Are we supposed to be impressed?
So, we are almost done, the kids have been good, I just need cucumbers, bell pepper, and lettuce. Cucumbers. Check. Bell pepper. Check. Lettuce. Lettuce... We circled the produce section 3 times and there was not one single head of flippin' lettuce! Who doesn't have lettuce?!
Moving on. We get into line and of course have to choose from 5 registers that are open while the other 10 million are just there for decoration. Then it happens. People get in line behind us and they are "close shoppers." They stand so close I can smell their deodorant. They stand so close they had to have heard my conversation w/the cashier about how we need to put a blue line, like at the pharmacy, showing people where to stand until it's their turn. That must have been too subtle of a hint. They had their groceries so close the cashier couldn't find the divider thingy!
When we go to leave, I hit the Hurricane in the head w/the cart because they have us surrounded! My poor little guy is rubbing his head and that's it for me. I turn around and yell, "Golly guys! You could give us some here! How rude!"


The poor hubby calls in just as we are getting home and he got an earful. Why do I let this stuff happen to me? Why can't I go to the store w/o an incident? Am I doing something to bring this on myself? Should I be talking to a Dr. about meds? Can I order groceries online and have them dropped off at my door w/o any human interaction whatsoever?!
All the while I'm having a walmart induced breakdown, Rele is trying to calm me down, & the kiddos have finished unloading the car and have put the groceries away. (wipe tear from eye)
I don't deserve such great kids and I pray to God they don't turn out like me! I love, love, love my kids.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Live to Ride

Rele and I had eye appts. the other day and we got to go on our Harley! It was so much fun to spend a couple of hours together enjoying our motorcycle. Rele of course gets to ride a lot more often than I do, so it was quite a treat for me. We took the freeway down to the eye Dr. and took a more scenic route on the way home. We did get rained on a bit but it was no big deal.
I think I started my fascination w/motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson when I was a freshman in high school. I even taught Travieso to say, "Live to Ride, Ride to Live," when he could barely say much else. I have always had the Harley "gear" and now, thanks to my wonderful hubby, I have an actual Harley. It does take some getting used to. It's scary to think about all the things that could go wrong. When I first started riding w/him it was hard to get over the fact that you don't get a seatbelt to hold you in, you don't have any doors or roof to help protect you, it's just you and a bike and the open road. I am just thankful that Rele has been kept safe and I am thankful that we have been so blessed. I think there will be more "date BIKE nights" in our future.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Gym

I've been really good about going to the gym. Dare I say, I even enjoy it. I've been averaging 3-4 days a week. How much have I lost you ask? Absolutely nothing. Anyway, I will give it another few months or so, since according to Rele, I try things once or twice and if it doesn't work I give up. Whatever. Ok, so I'm like the guy that stands on the scale, put his headphones on, runs around the room and gets back on the scale and is upset because he still weighs the same.
Anyway, this post is about the woman at the gym that my mom and I call the Gestapo. She is all of about 5 foot and 100 pounds. When she is working out there everyone knows it. She's the kind that has to stomp on the steps and at the "resting stations" she is feverishly working up a sweat. Like we can't already see how tiny she is and don't already want to scratch her eyes out for not having any fat on her. When she gets on a machine she pumps so fast and furious I can't believe she hasn't popped a blood vessel yet. The part that always get my mom and I laughing and rolling our eyes though is the hula hoop. They have these hula hoop/torture devices. They have these bumps on the inside that I guess are supposed to beat your middle into submission. You start out w/5 minute sessions and ideally work up to 15 minutes. Well, Little Miss Gestapo has the 15 min. down pat. She does her workout then has to run outside and get her magazine. She literally stands in the middle, starts that hula hoop, and goes for 15 min. Heaven forbid if she doesn't have a mag. to read. If that happens she stands there w/her arms crossed and GLARES at everyone. She glares at us, like "how dare you work out when I'm here because obviously you all don't work hard enough like I do." What's up with that? Get over yourself already!

Monday, May 15, 2006

I've had it!

This is it. I'm done. Someone's cat in our neighborhood thinks it's so much fun to kill little birds and leave them on our porch. I've tried to let it go. I've tried the spray that they supposedly hate. I've tried for the last time. When I went to plant my rose bush yesterday for Mother's Day, I had to pick up somebody else's pets POOP! I'm sick of it! Why, just because you own a cat should everyone else have to participate in the upkeep?! I don't have an animal by choice. If I did, would it be ok for me to let my dog run the streets, killing small animals? Is it ok if I let it poop anywhere it pleases and not pick it up? It's no different for CATS. Not only does it leave half eaten bird carcasses on my porch, but then it leaves blood splotches which then attract bugs, which is right under the window where my boys sleep. If you have a cat don't be surprised if you get a call from the animal shelter-across town! (*^&* &^%$&^^&*(#%)(*%*&()$

Friday, May 12, 2006


Appetizer: I was shamelessly flirted w/today at lunch. He had beautiful dark blue eyes and such kissable cheeks! I would have taken him home w/me if I could have. But, people generally frown upon strange women taking their baby. Yes, he was only about 8 mos. old, but he wouldn't stop smiling at me w/his two little teeth and a smidgen of chili on his cheek. Cuteness!
1st course: Travieso & I got to watch the '81 49er playoff game against the stinky Cryboys. (Dallas Cowboys in case you didn't know) I got to point out all the guys I grew up watching and had even met a few when we used to go to the training camp. My son was so jazzed to see the Legends in action. I must admit that even though I knew the outcome, I was getting pretty worried that they weren't going to pull out of it. The best part was, that they took a 4 hour game and condensed it into an hour and a half! Then, the finale, "The Catch" between Joe Montana and Dwight Clark. The fans were stunned, the Crybabyboys earned their name. Priceless.
2nd Course: The Hurricane went an ENTIRE week w/o a redirection slip! Yay for H! Good job!
(no matter that there is only 7 days left of school and he just.now. gets the hang of it. I'll take what I can get.)
Dessert: Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's! My mom is so cool and she is an excellent example of a strong, independant, Godly, Mom. I love her w/all my heart.
Thank you to my rockstar hubby who makes it feel like Mother's Day almost every day for me. Oh, and thank you for the flowers and card-hint, hint. & some chocolate.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Mission Accomplished! I am now the proud owner of one Harley orange leather purse! Thank you, PDC for coming with on my quest. I can now relax and enjoy my Mother's Day gift that Rele doesn't know he bought for me yet. So, I should be set for a few months. At least until Dooney comes out w/a new line!
More importantly, tonight was my second time helping in the nursery @ church. I always thought that's where I should be, because I love babies and mine are now way past that stage. But, now I'm not so sure. I don't know if it's the lack of direction or organization, but I just don't think things are run very smoothly. I had a little one tonight, for the entire.night. She was extremely fussy and could stick out her bottom lip like no one's business. Which, I guess that's ok. That's what I'm there for. I guess I can't really complain unless I'm willing to do more & right now, I'm not. I love our church & I'm so happy that we as a family are excited to go, so I really just want to go and experience church. Does that make sense? I'm thrilled that Rele plays the drums & Travieso got to be in a skit, & was baptized, & hopefully TaylarDayne & Hurricane will do their thing. I'm content right now. I'm content just to watch my husband be sexy playing drums while he's serving God(I've already talked about my issues w/that), & I'm content to just be a wife & mom. I'm content to go & try to learn & to cultivate a better relationship w/my savior. I'm content right now to be there for my kids & to take them to their class & to pick them up & to discuss what we all learned in church.
I guess I'm just not ready to leave my duties up to Travieso & to let go of the small amount of time I have left to be there for them when they still want me. I feel like being in the nursery is too much right now just because of what I have to give up. I have to be there a half hour before the service, so my kids sit around and then have to get themselves to class, I don't get to be there to pick them up, I don't get to sit w/my love during church & hear our awesome pastor speak.
Ok. I'm definitely letting them know that I just can't commit right now. If they need me to bake a cake or pie, done. If they need me to donate candy or put gift bags together, totally DONE.
The weird thing is, when we first joined the church they give you this little "aptitude" test to help you decide where you have strengths & what you are suited for. My #1 was-Nursery!
It says my "primary motivational gift is PERCEPTION: You have a strong inner prompting and ability to perceive what is right vs. wrong, good vs. evil or true vs. false. You possess an intense desire to correct what you see as wrong.(That's why I HAVE to yell at people who don't.use.their.BLINKER!!) You possess an inner prompting to bring others to a point of accountability and conviction. You tend to be whole-hearted in your involvements."
Maybe that's why I am not feeling the nursery thing. My heart's not in it right now.
I really like my orange purse though! I know, Becca, I will get some pix up. eventually.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo!

Ole! Happy Cinco de Mayo! I will be out celebrating at the clubs dancing the night away, drinking margaritas, partying IT UP!!! Woohoo!

In reality, here's how it will go:
workout @ the gym
finish laundry
make dinner
change sheets
run on treadmill
make a grocery list
watch "What Not To Wear" on TLC (that show totally rocks!)
and have a water on the rocks w/a splash of lime!
That's the life and times of a married woman w/kids.
Honestly, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sad State of Affairs

What kind of world are we living in? When I pick up my boys from school, do you know what the first thing I ask them is? It's not, "how was your day," or, "what did you learn in school today."
I ask them, "did you get any redirection slips?" all the while my stomach is in knots, preparing for the blow of yet another note. That's not even the worst part! When I ask if they have received a slip and they tell me no, my response is, "Are you sure?" My poor little guys. They really are pretty good kids, and I don't think the Hurricane deserved about 95% of the notes he's gotten.
Stupid school and stupid rules! 14 days of school left. I can't wait for it to be over!