Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's not even Hump day yet

Nothing too exciting to report from the land of enchantment. (try disenchanted)
The hubbs is busy with band practice, finals, entrance exams, externships, getting back to work, and trying to get out of the boot. The kids are in the last few weeks of school and have decided that it's the perfect time to start acting up in school. All three of them! In the same week! Our school system is spectacular by the way. Whenever something happens, like your child yells at someone, the school wants to know if anything is "going on at home?" It's super fun to have to listen to this question get asked for every single infarction, for each child. I've decided instead of even answering them, I'm going to turn it back on them and ask if maybe there's something, "going on at SCHOOL." First of all, even if there was "something going on," would I divulge that to them? And, does that mean my child(ren) are excused? If something serious enough was going on, I would let the teacher know ahead of time. Moving on...
I'm not having a very week and I just realized that it's only Tuesday! If I can just hang on until Thursday. That's my Girls Night Out. Except we usually stay in at someone's house, and we each have our kids with us. It's still fun and I get to find out if there is "anything going on at home" with ma girls.

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Beckster said...

It's Friday (it will be by the time you read this;)).!! Hope Girls night out was a smash!! And I hope To see you on Thursday this coming week!!:):):):) Have a great weekend and say hello to Jack;)