Thursday, December 06, 2007

19 days

Since this is the SECOND time I'm trying to post this, I hope I can remember everything that I already had written.
We've been busy but not a lot is going on, you know? I'm still trying to get my Christmas decorations out, in one piece, and up. Now I remember why I always do it the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. If I don't, it takes forever to get it done, and by then it's time to pack it all up again! It's hard to get into the spirit when it 70 degrees out. It's been so warm here and I think that is throwing everyone off. We need clouds and cold and snow!

It's also hard to get into the spirit when people like to pick this time of year to commit crimes. My MIL was attacked the other morning at her home. She went to unlock her front gate in the morning and someone was on the other side. As soon as she went to open the door, they shoved it into her really hard. She fell down and then the dogs started barking like crazy. We think that's what scared the person off. Thank God nothing more happened to her, but she was still shaken up. My FIL was also pretty upset. He's a truck driver and so he's gone pretty early and was halfway across the state when he found out. Has anyone else been hearing about home invasions? We all need to be aware and report anyone or anything that seems odd. The boys and I added the grandparents to our morning prayer for God to keep safe and watch over throughout the day.

The hubbs and I went to a new church on Sunday. The song service was really good and the Pastor is a neat guy. It has a good atmosphere and I would love to have a place where the kids can make some friends and get involved. Plus, it's a building that the company I work for built!

I had lunch with an old friend yesterday. Her and I lost touch since she got remarried and it was good to reconnect. Especially since we pick N*thing but N**dles. She ordered the three cheese macaroni with broccoli added. i realized that it's because of her that I eat that dish. It is so good! I add broccoli to the mac & cheese I make at home for the kids. The veggies totally cancel out any bad stuff you know. ;)

That's about it for the life and times of Chunk.
Have a good day and don't forget to use your blinker unabashedly and do a little wave to thank someone for letting you in. Whether they wanted to or not!


Danielle said...

That's awful about your MIL! I'm glad she's alright!

Anonymous said...

well I don't understand the N stuff, but then again, I'm mildly impaired ;)