Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The following is for susiebadoozie
Here she is! The front seat of my Jeep. Nothing exciting except for my broken Buttercup keychain in the cupholder. I lovelovelove Buttercup from the PowerPuff Girls!
Here's the backseat. My bear is all snuggled up in my scarf and he's watching over my Bible. That's it.


Beckster said...

You have kids and a clean vehicle..I have no kids and a dirty vehicle...Whats up with that?;)


Anonymous said...

ok, you have the funniest car. the bear thing is so cute! email me your addy so i can send you a prize!

abqchunk said...

becca-I can't for my car to be a mess. I taught the kids early on that they can eat in the car but they have to clean up after themselves every single time they get out. Matt on the other hand...
Susie-Yay! I'll e-mail you. Thank you!

Beckster said...

Well, its not really a mess as it has just bulky items in it..a wheel chair, a walker and a snow shovel(dont ask about the snow shovel, my mom thought I should bring it with us when we moved.). Anyways, I hope your keeping to your New Years resolutions so far:)