Sunday, December 31, 2006

State of Disaster

Yes, it's true. Our governer has declared our city a "state of disaster." The National Guard is on standby. We've been stuck at home since Friday without cable, without internet! We did not lose our electricity though. The trash finally got picked up today. It's been a little crazy for us New Mexicans. Usually in Albuquerque anyway, we just wait a few hours and everything gets cleared up. We have about 363 days of sunshine. So to say we aren't used to 4 feet of snow is a bit of an understatement.
The kids and I are all hopped up on hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, ice cream, fudge, and popcorn.
Just to give you some idea of the kind of record snowfall we've experienced. Here is a picture of our BBQ grill. It was used for our dinner the night before!
I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year and I hope I get out of this house soon and to the mall or else!
Happy New Year!
Also, the 49ers kicked the Broncos butt!


McBunni said...

It's crazy! If you thought the drivers were bad before, just wait 'till people try to drive on the snow! :D

abqchunk said...

The girls and I went to the mall at lunch today. People were all over the place just to avoid a little bit of ice! They would rather cause a 3 car pile up then slow down and go over the ice. Maybe they should just stay home until it all melts?

Anonymous said...

wow, how exciting on new years eve !

it would be fun if you were stocked up on food, and didn't have to be anywhere

Beckster said...

is it true that the city doesnt clear the local streets anymore...If so, I had better get onto Louisiana and ice it;)