Friday, August 31, 2007

words to live by

I came across a few sayings recently that I like, so I thought I would post them.

Maybe all we can hope to do is end up with the right regrets. -Arthur Miller

I am too blessed to be stressed, and too anointed to be disappointed.

Winners make things happen. Losers let things happen.

Cliche, I know! I like the last one because there have been a couple of things I would like to get involved in and I don't know where to start or I am waiting on someone to walk me through it. I need to just decide to do it and make it happen. One of my items is that I kind of, sort of, would like to run a half marathon and I don't have any idea where to start. So, any advice from the singerzwife would be greatly appreciated! I really hate to run so it is odd that I've been thinking about running! a marathon! I'm down to run a 1/4th marathon. Even an 1/8th? So far I haven't found any such thing in my city. Weird, right? Anyway, I for some reason think that I need to accomplish something and I guess that's something I feel like I need to do. I think D from here really inspired me after her major accomplishment.
In other news, there isn't any other news! Have a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!


Danielle said...

First of all, can I just say how flattered I am that I have actually inspired someone else to want to do something! Thank you so much for this post!

Secondly, go out and get yourself a copy of the book, "Half-Marathon: You Can Do It" by Jeff Galloway. I used the "Marathon" version by this author and I believe it is the best way to gain the endurance and confidence to finish. Email me at and I'd love to give you some pointers and/or just encourage you a long the way!
*Oh, yeah, it also helps if you can convince someone to train with you! Find a workout buddy!

Danielle said...

You thought I was done didn't ya!? Check out this site...If this event is near you it has a 5k run (that's 3.1 miles)that you could get started with.