Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Best Laid Plans...

So, the running thing hasn't been going very well. Not so much that it's not going well, it's just not going. As soon as we determined our schedule all sorts of things came up. Friday we went to a comedy club to see a comic that didn't show and we suffered through terrible customer service on top of that. Saturday the hubbs had to study all day for upcoming tests. I think we decided not to run because we would for sure pick it back up on Sunday. Of course Sunday I wasn't feeling well. It wasn't a cold, I just kept feeling light headed and then I could feel a migraine trying to rip apart my skull. Monday the hubbs got a B! on his test so we wanted to celebrate AND it was the kickoff for the 49ers season, so we had to go eat and then watch the first half of the game with my parents. 49ers won! It was a tough game but they pulled it out with about 22 seconds left in the game!
Last night we finally got back to the track and I ran one lap and the little one needed to go to the bathroom. So, I may or may not have taken him to a field nearby. Altogether I got about 3 laps done. I did do a 30 minute circuit training workout, so I got about an hour's worth of exercise.
We are still trying to figure out a schedule that's going to work for us. We can't go in the morning because I don't want to leave the boys alone. If we go in the evening, I get home from workout after 6, so we get to the track around 7 and then when it's all said and done we don't get home until almost 8, which is too late for the boys to eat because their bedtime is 8. I also have to still find time to do laundry, pick up odds and ends, get my gym bag ready for the next day, shower, look at the sale ads, watch t.v., EAT.
It sounds like I'm trying to find reasons to get out of this whole running stuff. I'm really not, though. Right?

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Danielle said...

It is time consuming but worth it! I only ran 2 weekdays (for 30 minutes each) and then 1 long run on the weekends for most of my marathon training. Even if you can't run often your body can still gain endurance!!!