Wednesday, December 27, 2006

cansado y irritable

Christmas 2006. Sucked @$$. The kids had fun and liked their gifts so I guess that’s all that counts.
I’m all about lists. I like them because they help me gain perspective. They keep me organized. They help me look at things honestly. They help me realize that nothing can be gained from tying someone’s hands to the bed post and covering their mouth and nose with my bare hand until they cry blood. No. They help me see the consequences outweigh the benefits. Anyway, here’s a few that I’ve been working on.

Things my husband and I have in common:
1. we’re humans
2. we breathe air
3. we drive cars
4. we both sleep
5. we live in the same house

Things that are going to drive me to commit some kind of act that is
generally frowned upon by society:
1. people who don’t use their blinkers!
2. being lied to
3. being let down by my best friend,
over & over, & over again
4. broken promises
5. being neglected
6. being treated like I’m always wrong when
clearly the world would be a better place if
people would just realize that I’m always

Things I need to STOP eating:
1. my mom’s better than sex fudge!
2. homemade apple pie
3. my mom’s chocolate chip cookies
4. my mom’s divinity, made w/o nuts-just for me!
5. deviled eggs
6. meltaway mints

My To Do List:
1. clean out clothes & shoes
2. clean out garage
3. finish the great “Purse Display” project
4. paint walls
5. purge, purge, and more purging
6. take purged items to charity or back to his mother

Good things the Hubbs does:
1. he cleans the house
2. he makes dinner
3. he can iron his own clothes
4. he is a good dad
5. he makes the bed
6. he works
7. he changes the oil in my Jeep
8. he makes the payments on my Jeep
9. he showers
10. he takes me on vacation
11. he says thank you when I make his coffee

New Year’s Resolutions:
1. find a church for my family and then go
2. play with the kids more
3. clean house from top to bottom, inside & out
4. do things for myself again
5. try to eat better & drink more water(blah, blah, blah)
6. read through the Bible
7. cultivate friendships
8. become a roller derby girl or a pussycat doll

song of the day: “Smack that” by Akon


McBunni said...

Looks like you've got some work ahead of you!

My New Year's resolutions list is really long too....more of a life overhaul.

Happy New Year! :)

Danielle said...

Good resolutions!

Anonymous said...

love the list..i'm off to look up your song for the day

Beckster said...

you should definetly become a pussycat doll. or a spice girl...;)

Beckster said...

Chunk Spice....;)

Sandra said...

The Queen of Lists. I used to do that when I was working. Now the only lists I have are grocery lists.

I hear it's snowing in Albuquerque!