Wednesday, December 13, 2006

gym etiquette 101

1. In circuit training, leave at least one machine empty between you and the next person, especially if there are 20 OTHER machines that are empty and perfectly usable. It gives the machine one turn to AIR OUT before the next person needs to use it!
2. Instead of throwing the weights or any other equipment down, why not just take a second to SET them on the ground. You might actually stretch a muscle and possibly burn a calorie! Also, the rubber won't be peeling off the weights because the 5 million people that use them everyday have actually taken some care with them.
3. When exiting a machine, leave it in the starting position. For example, don't leave the ab cruncher machine bent over so the next person has to crunch down to get in! With the side ab worker thing, don't leave it twisted all the way to one side so that only a cirque de something contortionist is the only one able to sit down! One more. The inner thigh squeezer one- this is one time when having the legs closed isn't a good thing. Leave the legs open so the next person can back in and sit down! Especially for those of us that don't have legs 6 foot long to just climb over the whole thing!
4. Don't stare, it's creepy and defeats the whole point of going to a woman's gym.
5. When doing 15 minutes of the hula hoop, don't stand so close to the ab cruncher so that if feels like fingers are going to be chopped off, mrs. gestapo-nazi gym lady.
Personal space people!
6. Wear shoes for pete's sake. Honestly!
7. If you are somewhere near a 100 pounds or tall and slim, don't even bother to come to the gym!

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Danielle said...

These must be universal problems! I love the one about leaving a machine in between you and the next person! It's only polite! :)