Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We have a new puppy. We rescued him from the animal shelter and according to them he's about 2. He's a little terrier mix, furry job and he is adorable. Except that he poops. And he sheds. Hair. Everywhere. Especially on my black clothes and my velour sweat suits! (Eeww. After the 70's who would have thought we would be wearing velour again?) He also has thrown up on the kitchen floor. Is everyone aware that pets do this kind of stuff? Why was I not informed? Is it not enough that we rescued him from a certain death, not to mention the grumpy cell mate he had. I don't know about this pet business. I can't even tell you the time I've had trying to name this guy. I was adamant that he not have a people name. So, we named him Jack. I think that's what we finally agreed on. We've been calling him all kinds of names to see if he would respond to one. Any one. He won't even perk up an ear. All we were looking for is some kind of sign as to what to name this dog!! My friend even had a whole office coming up with names. It didn't take this long to come up with a name for our son. So, after all the agonizing tears and sleepless nights, it's Jack. Just Jack.
Here's a list of discarded names:
Mr. Bo Jangles
Barky Von Schnauzer
Lt. Dangle
Michael Kelly Guitar Patriot custom w/Mahogany neck in Amber (the hubby's submission)
fuzzy britches
pooper scooper
You are so going back to the pound, Mister!(I'm kind of partial to this one)

This is Jack.


Beckster said...

Yep! Dogs do those things. Specially in a new surrounding. They get nervous that maybe this home is only temporary also. I like Barky Von Schauzer;) How bout chewy? Or Barfy?;)Jack is so cute. I hope you find a name for him:)


McBunni said...

OMG....he is SO cute! Congrats on your new baby. ....and yes, pets do those things.

Last time I checked, Jack was a "people" name.