Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A New Post!

1. We finally have a final diagnosis on the Hubby. He has a stress fracture in his left foot. He is slowly but surely recovering. The good thing was that he has had a lot of time off and it's been nice having him home & awake on the weekends!

2. Stuff that hurts my heart & that I can't/don't want to go into right now. Maybe later when it's all been resolved. Part of which includes anger @ a school system I always defended & felt that parents needed to be more involved in if they wanted it to get better. Now, I'm just done. It won't get better. You can't fight it, & most disturbing to me- you can't change it. The only thing I still stand by is this: schools are a product of our society. We have made them what they are, and most certainly what they are not.

3. My little man made his first spring break trip by himself! He went to visit his aunts & uncles & cousins. He flew on a plane all by himself. He has his own money that he had to budget. He left me an 11 y/o and he came home a 12 y/o. (tearing up right now...) He had a blast. He shopped, he played, he drank a crazy amount of Mtn. Dew, he went to his first ever pro-basketball game, & he got to sit 3 rows behind the dugout at a pro-baseball game!
*side note* you are required to take off your shoes in order to get through security @ the airport. Am I the only one who thinks it's disgusting to go barefoot?! I saw so many people who wore slip-on shoes, for convenience-I get that, but then took their stinky, sweaty feet & walked on the concrete, which had to be cold! and then someone behind them did the exact same thing. They walked the same path, picking up sweat & germs from the person before, leaving behind their own mix of yuckiness! Not to mention the hair that could be down there, just waiting to get all wrapped around a toe, yikes, and then there were bare toes everywhere. Talk about nastyiness. Am I alone here on this?

4. Also, re: the airport. Why does every stupid/annoying/irritating idiot who knows nothing about respecting people's personal space, always end up in line right behind me?!! Have you ever seen the show about people's boiling points? I would so not win any money... Anyway, at 7:00 in the morning on a weekend, anxiously waiting to pick up my son, I don't want to stand in a massive line to get through security with some idiot behind me who talks loud enough for the whole airport to hear him. Who do I get stuck in front of? Not only is he talking loud and getting too close to me, it was April Fools Day, so he was trying to come up with various scenarios to play on the people who just dropped him off and his wife/son's mother that was meeting them at their destination. He had a child with him who talked like he was a college professor. The child was more mature, probably out of necessity, but also equally as irritating, because, You're A Kid for Pete's Sake! Once we got through security I put on my tennis & got as far away as possible. /airport.story

5. I have a wonderful new toy that I never thought in my entire life, would I ever get the pleasure of owning. Check back for pictures and general screams of joy!


McBunni said...

Ok, so number 5 can be taken very badly by people with their minds in the gutter....like me. :D You don't even want to know what I'm thinking!

abqchunk said...

I thought of that!! It's better than that though!

Beckster said...

airports are gross!!! Not to mention you never know what your gonna end up sitting next to on the plane. Coming back to Burque from Vegas the last time I took a plane was an experience in itself... This 50 year old guy was hitting on me...YIKES...Glad to hear the hubby is getting better. As for the schools.... I agree!!!! No one cares. And I agree about number 5;)


PS...I'm done ranting now;)

Danielle said...

Glad you figured things out with the hubby. Not knowing is sometimes the worst part. Do you know how he got the stress fracture or does it just happen from everyday activity??

abqchunk said...

D-He works 12 hour shifts in the ER, so they figure he got it then, mainly if you don't change out your shoes after a few months. Hmmm...new shoes every few months, I wonder if I can work that into my job description.