Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Odd thoughts

Do you ever look at people and wonder what they are like? I will see an old man at the mall just sitting on a bench and I will think, "Aww, what a cute little grandpa." Then I start to think that maybe he's not. What if he's some tyrant who was mean to his kids or his wife and made everyone miserable and that's why he's alone right now. Or the lady I was behind in traffic with a messed up car, all primered up and missing chunks out of the body. I think, poor thing, she's just trying to make a living and support her kids. But what if she's not? What if she's got six kids by six different dads and she neglects them and spends all, if any child support money on manicures and jewelry and getting her hair done, meanwhile her kids don't have clothes that fit? I'm a people watcher and I guess I just get carried away wondering what they are really like. We never really know what's going on in other's lives. We make assumptions by the way they are dressed or what they drive or how they talk. I like to think that the little grandpa has lived a full life and is loved. I hope the struggling mom will find her way and that her kids love and admire her. I say a little prayer for the people that stick out in my observations that life is good for them and that they know peace.

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kristi said...

That is soooooooo funny, I do the same thing.