Thursday, March 23, 2006

first time blogger

I'm new at this.
I asked my kids how to start my very first blog and that was the response from Travis.
I really don't know where to start! I've been pestering my husband for weeks to help me
get it started.(the blog) He has. Now what? There's so much I want to "talk" about. My kids, the public school system, church, annoying drivers-please, please, Use.your.blinker! I don't want to start in right away though with my pet peeves and how irritated I get and how much my blood pressure must go up and how much I need to pray through that. No. Let's start with something positive. (long, agonizing minutes ticking by...)

I'll try again tomorrow!


Sandra said...

You're doing great. The good thing about a blog is that there's no right or wrong. Just write what you feel like writing.

We're in Alamogordo right now and plan on being in Albuquerque/Santa Fe on Monday. We haven't decided where we're staying yet. We're full time RVers and are heading home to Ontario/Canada via Ohio to visit the kids/grandkids. Never been to northern New Mexico so looking forward to it.


Beckster said...

Hey woman!
Becca here. Matt told me you had a blog and sent me here. For some reason I thought you were on myspace. well, I hope you have fun here. I just signed up here myself and I don't have color on this computer so I cant tell what is happening...But so far so good...I just wanted to tell you HI! Have a great weekend...