Friday, March 24, 2006

I had a date tonight that I was really looking forward to. I got my two older kids to their grandma's house and I was all set to spend some fun time with my Hunter. He fell asleep. He went to sleep around 7:30 and that's the last I saw of his beautiful brown eyes. Such is my life now. My poor little guy had such a rough week in school, I guess I can't blame him. I used to be all for the all day kindergarten thing, but now I'm rethinking this whole idea. If he had only been going half the day would we only have had half the stupid re-direction slips sent home? His school has a system where when a child does something wrong they receive a re-direction slip. If they get 3 in one month they are not allowed to participate in a day they have each month set aside called, Fantastic Fun day. My son has never gotten to Fantastic Fun Day. Granted, he is a handful, and I loathe the people you see on T.V. that say, "My son is a good boy. He didn't mean to kill those people. He's never really been in trouble before." Meanwhile it turns out he's got a rap sheet 20 pages long, but "he's still a good boy." Anyway, he gets a note sent home for standing on the slide on the playground, or for throwing sand(not unprovoked) or wrestling. What happened to taking away a recess or making them write some sentences? Why can't some of this stuff be addressed at school, while they remember what they are being punished for? Why did some stupid, overbearing parent have to sue for the dumbest thing and now we all have to pay because we've stripped the schools of any authority? Yet parents still expect the school to teach their child right from wrong and basic manners and all the things they should be taught at home, so teachers can teach! It's been a rough week for all of us. I'm tired of my son always being in trouble because he's a boy. I'm tired of this whole movement to take away all the characteristics of what makes a boy a boy, and try to make them behave like girls. They aren't girls and they shouldn't have to be made to conform. They are aggressive and loud and rambunctious and sometimes they might have to solve problems by getting physical. Do I want my son fighting? No. I think they need to have some kind of outlet though that allows them to act like boys. And why isn't anyone taking into account that these kids are FIVE years old?! They are just learning how to be in a class setting and how to interact and what's acceptable behavior. Rele and I take very seriously our role as parents and we are pretty strict and when our kids misbehave we correct them. I just think that calling a parent and sending a note home everytime a child spits on the ground is sad. My son has been in trouble 4 out of 5 days this week. Even his teacher says, "they are just being boys." So handle it and move on! I know teachers have a very tough job and they don't have all the answers, so I will add them to my prayer list because they are so important and deserve respect and admiration. I guess we will just keep trying to work with H's teacher and hope that he will get the hang of things. Of course, school will be out in a couple of months and there's always next year.
Hunter-I love you with all my heart. Dad and I are proud of you and we know school has been a difficult adjustment, so keep looking ahead and focus on the positive. You are a precious little boy and I pray that you will grow up to be a man of God. In the meantime your a lousy date!

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Sandra said...

I agree that things have gotten out of hand.

I just have a suggestion. When you're writing your blog, do it in paragraphs, it's much easier to read.

When my sister emails me, she does it in one long paragraph and it's so hard to read I usually copy it into word and put it in paragraphs to read it.

Just a suggestion.