Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Blog About Nothing

What's with people sitting at bus stops ON THE CURB W/LEGS HANGING OUT INTO THE STREET?
Is this a NM phenomenon? Weirdos. I think it's time to move.

The boys are now 4 days into school. Things look good except for the 2nd school supply list I received for Travidoo. Why can't they just give it ahead of time so you can prepare? Why do they think it's so much fun to spring a 10-15 item list on you and give you only a few days to get it together? This is why I loathe our school system.
The Hurricane seems to be adjusting to First grade and going to school w/o his big brother. Travidoo seems to be excited about mid. school, and I am slowly letting my ulcer heal itself and getting my face cleared up from all the stress. All of it self induced and helped only by my friend the frappucino.


EmmaSometimes said...

Oh, I did that my first year too, with the school supplies. Ask for the list at the end of the school year for next. Sometimes they are on the school website, if your school has one.

It does get easier. :o)

Anonymous said...

dudette, your friend the frappicino is probably causing your zits. i had to quit.

abqchunk said...

That's straight up blasphemy Susie. NO.WAY. is the frapps causing zits, or weight gain, or the jitters. As if!

emmasometimes-our Elem. school is too poor, lazy, whatever to have a website. I think w/three kids I will start now for next year's supplies though!