Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We don't need no water. Let the you-know-what burn!

School is this huge, unfathomable, monstrosity where everyone is bigger than you are and they all look like they are angry and want to beat you up!
We took Travidoo to middle school today to get registered and get his schedule. I am scared. I am very scared. All the kids I saw really were bigger than I am and I am having a really hard time coming to grips w/the fact that I have to send my son into this environment. He is going to have to walk to school because we don't quite live the required mile and a half. We don't live in a horrible neighborhood, but there are mornings when I leave for work and the fences are covered in grafitti. Holy Hell, Batman!
I'm sure he'll be fine right? He's a great kid and very responsible. How can someone not like my boy? right? I hate this!! I feel like it's me going back to school and I am dreading all of it. Ok. Time to suck it up and make the best of it.
OR, I could look into home schooling...
(anyone that knows me, knows, I am so anti-home schooling it's not even funny)
I guess I will settle for some ice cream. With chocolate sauce. And whip cream.


Anonymous said...

i'm going to be where you are in 2 years. and i'm NOT looking forward to it. and what IS with the kids these days do their parents feed them steroids?

abqchunk said...

I wish I knew Susie, because I might give just a bit of it to my boy so he will grow!