Monday, August 28, 2006


We stopped to get gas tonight on our way to the movies. We stopped at your run of the mill, cheesy, greasy spoon type, 4 pump gas station w/a convenient liquor mart. We're there 2 whole seconds before we are being acosted. This guy wants to wash the windows for the hubs while he gases up. I'm saying No, No, No. We got together enough dollars to take the kids to a dollar movie, we are not just going to hand this guy our money!
Rele says, "Sure!" I'm irritated, I'm all set to give him a talking to about just saying, No! The man comes over to my side, all "how ya doin' ma'am?" all friendly like and I'm just like, "I'm good." (courtesy smile and all) He tells Rele, it looks like he'll need to get new wiper blades, just because the strip of rubber has partially detached from the holder thing. He asks if it's ok, to reach in and give the boys some candy. They get to pick a jellybean, Rele gives him some of our movie money and gets in the car. I'm like, hello? Don't you know you are just supposed to say, "No thank you?!"
Rele responds, "I know, but this guy was willing to perform a service and he wasn't drunk, he just wanted something to eat, and he was nice, so I figured we could help him out." jaw dropping to the floor
I must say, I instantly teared up. I know it's easy to make me cry but honestly, is that not a man with a big heart? He really is an honest to goodness good guy and that one act reminded me of how giving he is and even though he is constantly driving me crazy and I think it's time I slowly place a pillow over his face...He goes and does something like that and totally redeems himself!!
I was very touched and I pray that my boys will grow up to be men w/empathy and compassion like their dad. Especially since their mother is a selfish hag who just wanted to go to the movies and maybe buy some chocolate!!!
We did make the boys throw out the candy.
As it turns out, it was 50cent night at the dollar theater. Ever see that show about Earl and karma?
We saw "Cars." Double thumbs up. It is such a cute movie. It could have used a little jeff gordon, but whatever. Rele treated us to popcorn, a soda and the boys got ice creams chunks dipped in chocolate! Quite a nice little break from the routine, right?
The first thing the Hurricane says when we get in the car is, "Do we get to have our jellybean back now?" Just a bit too much of his mom in him.
It was such a good night that I'm thinking maybe tomorrow I might even let someone in, in front of me in traffic. Yeah right!!!


Anonymous said...

so, you're not a bitter old hag! you just had a moment....i'm sure your always and forever letting people squeeze in front of you!

so, did you get those books?

Sandra said...

I'm like you. I would have said, no thanks. I always think these guys have ulterior motives and eating isn't one of them.


Danielle said...

I have to admit I am very suspicious of people and I probably would have said no to the guy too. It is sad but it's just hard to tell the legit people from the shady ones!

abqchunk said...

Don't you all think it's harder for women to deal with this situation?
We have a whole safety issue that guys don't really think about. I say no as a rule because when I was 16 I went to the store w/my older sister and on the way out, the guy w/the bell asking for a donation started yelling at me for saying, "I'm sorry, I don't have any change." I was just a kid! He was literally yelling and walked to the end of the sidewalk towards us. We went home and told Mom and she called the store and let 'em have it.