Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Have you jumped in a rain puddle today?

We have been getting a TON of rain! Along w/it comes humidity! We are used to none of these things. I must say for a town that freaks the heck out whenever there's a cloud in the sky, things have been pretty tame. Either people are too scared to come out of the house or else they have decided that it's just like regular driving only you need to put your lights on and be a lot more cautious.

In other news, school starts soon. I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate school. I hate buying supplies that go into a pot so that everyone has a "fair share" or whatever they call it. If I spend my time fighting other rabid mother's ready to bite your hand off if you get in the way, then I want my kids to be able to use what I've risked life and limb for! Otherwise, they should just charge everyone twenty bucks and then go shopping themselves, that way all the supplies are the same. I hate the first day jitters that make your stomach hurt and make you have to go to the bathroom twenty times before you get out the door. Not to mention all the crying. That's just how I deal w/the first day. I'm not even sure about the boys because I'm too busy having a nervous breakdown!
Which brings me ot all the social stuff that goes along w/it. Not because my boys seemed to have suffered yet, but because of my experience in school. I can't get into all that right now.
So, it's still a good 10 days away and I'm already feeling anxious and upset and SCARED. My son starts middle school this year. Wow. When he was just a little guy and everyone thought it was so funny to talk about how, "before you know it, he'll be starting school." I used to pray that God would come before I had to send my son to school. Now I have to send him to middle school. This is where he's going to learn that his mom isn't the best. He's going to find out that I'm not always fun to be around. He's going to turn into a little man that thinks he knows the answers, and wants to do things w/o me. He's going to want to spread his wings.Middle school is EVIL.
Then in three short years I'll have to endure high school! This is all too much to bear. These are the kinds of things they don't tell you about when you have kids. They don't tell you how emotionally draining and scary it all can be. I think I should start holding seminars for young girls and boys and let them know that having a baby is the easy part. That's cake. The hard stuff is how much you love your babies and how much it hurts when they are hurt. How much, you suddenly realize, there is to fear. The hard part is knowing how to raise happy, healthy little people. Knowing when to let go and when to push them. The hard part is loving them so much it hurts and wanting to give them the world yet still keep them in a bubble where you can protect them, all the while knowing that you have to let them become their own person and fly.


Sandra said...

Just wait until your son gets married! My sister is suffering through that now. Her only son got married this weekend. Not only is she suffering, he's my nephew and godson and I'm suffering too!


UFA said...

They make you buy stuff to put into a pot to share so "everyone get a fair shake"? Everyone may have requirements on what to buy...but everyone will buy different products! And some wont buy anything at all. How do they divide it up into a fair shake? the kid that runs the fastest and is holding the biggest stick gets his choice of protractor?!?

They should buy the stuff themselves if that is their concern. otherwise, I'm shopping twice, once for the cheapest crap online to cover the next few years of "school supplies" and once for my kid. Man, things change.

I would be worried with more than just what is learned....I'd be worried about his "fair share"...because in both cases, this is STATE 50 ....think about it.

abqchunk said...

This is why society is all jacked up. No one can have more than another, no one can be held responsible for their actions, and heaven forbid I buy my son crayola and someone else gets prang!
Yeah, go state 50!

Anonymous said...

i agree, i don't like my son growing up. i want it to stop.

i haven't seen you at my blog lately, did you lose the link? or do you hate me. whaaaaaa, whine whine, you hateeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee