Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Just so you know, I don't like Fall. I don't like the shadows in the middle of the day. It's all windy and chilly outside. I don't like the time change. I don't like the uncertainty of what to wear. It's colder in the morning, but warms up in the afternoon, but cools off again in the evening. Do you put the A/C on or the heater? Do you put your adorable sandals, that you got on sale and have only worn a couple of times,away and bust out the boots, or not quite yet? I want it to be hot or cold. No inbetween.
The Fall is very depressing to me.
On top of this irritating display of weather, my check engine light is on and will not go away. I opened up the hood last night and touched a few thingamabobs, I filled the windshield wiper fluid, and yet is my Jeep happy. No. Honestly, what else is there to do?
10/12/06-On a positive note, I got my pantry cleaned out and my plastic containers organized and the lids tidied up. I got most of my winter clothes out and put away neatly. I just have the kids clothes to switch out and the curtains to clean. It's funny, it's almost like I'm nesting.


Beckster said...

go to autozone and have them use their special machine. hopefully it will tell you what is happening.. Let me know what happens..


McBunni said...

It's funny how different people's likes and dislikes are....fall is my favorite's nice and cool at night, it's the start of CUDDLE season!, the leaves are falling and all is beautiful, it's the start of all the holidays, candy is readily available, pumpkins RULE, Starbucks has pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween in FUN, etc etc! :)

The only thing I hate about fall is allergies and the cold in the morning/night but still hot in the day thing. Drives me nuts! :)

Beckster said...

it is Friday the 13th:0 thats why people are driving crazier then usual;)..DOWN WITH FALL;)


Danielle said...

Maybe it's our climate here in Colorado but I'm with McBunni...I love the fall!

Anonymous said...

you could try kicking the car...just a suggestion....