Monday, October 16, 2006

Full of Hot Air

My brother and his fiance were here this past weekend visiting. We all went to the Balloon Fiesta on Saturday morning. If you've never been, you have no idea what you are missing out on. The Hubbs had to work, so the kids and I were up at 3am, left the house by 3:30, stopped at the ATM and got to my parents by 4. The whole family piled into Grandma's minivan and we headed out to the field by 4:30. Starbucks isn't even open at this time people, that's how flippin' early it is! Anyway, you stand around eating breakfast burritos, doughnuts and even funnel cake, and drink hot chocolate while waiting for the sun to rise so the balloons can get going. It's so much fun and it never gets old to me. We try to go at least once every year. It's so exciting to see the balloons get rolled out and then inflated and everyone claps when they take off.
So, I put a link to some of the pictures we took. I did take a couple of the dorks who wear their shorts, to the Balloon 5 o'clock in the morning. The rest of us have two pairs of socks on, two pairs of pants, three or four shirts, plus a coat, a hat and gloves, but these jokers wear shorts.Anyway, those pictures didn't come out so well, because, hello! it's before sunrise and it's cold! There is also the female gender, and I use that term loosely, that show up in full makeup, and hair all done, dressed like they are going clubbing. Once again, at 5 o'clock in the morning.before October. Whatever. It provides some comic relief for the rest of us.
The best part is when all the "foreigners" go home! Thank you for visiting and don't go away mad, just go away!
P.S. I just set up this account w/flickr and didn't know that the order you put your pictures in is the opposite of what they will show. So, start at the end and go backwards!


PC said...

A town nearby to us has a balloon festival every year and I have never attended...i wonder why?

My dad took my mom on a hot air balloon ride one year for her birthday. It was costly but worth every penny, or so they say. My mom has some beautiful scenery pictures.

As for those "female gender" they probably go right from clubbin to the balloons so they were already "dressed for the occasion" - me? Id be in my PJs and ski suit, frumpled hair, smeared make-up and all :)

Danielle said...

I love your pics! How fun!

Sandra said...

The balloons are so pretty. Wish I could have been there.


Anonymous said...

that's cool that you live right there by all that.....glad you had fun!