Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the gifts

We had a very nice anniversary. We went to see a movie, we went to dinner. I got one of these!
The hubbs got one of these!
And the whole night ended w/some whip cream!
Not really. I intended to get a huge brownie blast w/ice cream and brownie, and chocolate syrup and whip cream and NO nuts, but I ate some fries and chicken tenders first and then of course I didn't have any room for the dessert. Which is probably good since I have two and a half months to be ready for my brother's wedding!


McBunni said...

Hmmmm, a purse or a car. A purse or a car....a purse or a car.

Hubbs wins. :)

Happy anniversary!

Beckster said...

I'd like to have the car;)


Anonymous said...

hmmm did he really get that car?

abqchunk said...

mcbunni-I have a Jeep, so I'm quite happy w/my car, unless I can get the new 4 door Wrangler...
He really did get a car. We traded in the Harley. :(
He needed a new car and we don't get to ride the motorcycle, and winter is coming and he's starting school and it just made sense for right now.

Prudence said...

WOW...did that link work right...did your hubby seriously get a CAR for your anniversary?? WOW!

Was it a surprise like those goofy commercials with the cars with the big bows on it or did he pick it out?

Congrats on another year!

abqchunk said...

girls-he really did get the car. It wasn't a surprise or have a sappy bow though. He did some research and then we traded our Harley Davidson for it.
It's all good.