Friday, February 02, 2007


10 Things I Don't want to talk about:

my weight
my hair
those #$%^ heelie shoe things
the tickets I DIDN'T get to the Daughtry concert
the migraine that's setting in
global warming
people who don't use their blinker
how much I love my husband & how good he is to me, because if I talk about it I'm afraid it will be taken away from me(/cheese)

Thanks to badoozer for today's material!


Anonymous said...

those are some very pivotal things you don't wish to discuss

Anonymous said...

hey, are you switched yet?

PC said...

LOL - the guac had nothing to do with the chicken pox LOL. Actually I had asked Sarah for the recipe but she was out of town and couldnt email me so she sent it on my blog LOL...

YOu should try it though - its the best guac I have EVER had!!!!