Thursday, February 22, 2007

driving lesson #567

Pulling into traffic.
If you only have one lane to pull into, wait until there isn't anybody coming before you pull out. If someone is coming and you pull in front of them, you better gun it so they don't have to slow down or hand you your butt through the windsheild!
If there is more than one lane of traffic, always pull into the lane that doesn't have anyone in it. If you pull onto the road and realize you've picked the wrong lane, turn on your blinker and get the heck out of the way!
Side note-if you are at an intersection with out a light and you want to make a left hand turn, move to the left of the lane as far as possible. This leaves room for those wanting to turn right and not wanting to wait until God has come before you decide to chance pulling to the middle of the road before completing your turn!


McBunni said...

I can't quite tell, Chunk...are bad drivers your pet peeve?


kristi said...

Oh my GAWD, I went thru this just on my way to work today. I was ready to strangle the person in front of me!