Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We are home. We are tanned and have sand in interesting places. Still. We swam our little hearts out. We ate food, food, and more food. Rele ate oysters and frog legs and crab. We hunted for sand crabs by the moonlight. We napped. We boogie boarded and jumped wave after wave in warm water. We collected a gazillion shells. We found balled up manta rays that looked like big ol' slugs.
We visited w/family. We shopped. We swam in the ocean and then more swimming in the pool.
Rele fished and caught four or five that he painstakingly cleaned and then never ate. We spent NINE whole days together! We spent a total of at least 35 HOURS in a car. We shared one bathroom. My hair was one big frizz ball. OH-MY-WORD I am back at work today!!!
No, the trip wasn't bad. The kids overall, did very well for all the time spent in the car. Instead of fighting they would get a case of the giggles, which did you know can be just as irritating?
They loved the beach and the ocean and loved being outside. The weather was in the high 90's all week w/a humidity level of 100% but the kids never complained about being hot. Even when little Hurricane got blisters on his feet from his flip flops, he was at the beach making sand castles and valiantly tried to go into the water but the salt stung too much. Our little condo was decorated very modern and was comfortable and fully furnished. I got to see my little brother, who I miss very much, and he brought his adorable girlfriend. We got to visit w/my grandma Socrite who I love so much and her sister, Emily, who I love just as much and my second cuz, Rose Marie who is so pretty and who I am trying to get to come visit the desert.
On the way home, we got to stop in San Antonio and walked the River Walk. We walked through Coyote Ugly. I didn't get to get up on the bar, three kids in tow and all...
We ate at the Rainforest Cafe. We did a pit stop in Kerrville, my future hometown. ;)
I finally got my eggrolls from Jack in the Box! I love those things.
I have not found a place yet, that can even come close to J in the B's eggrolls! We don't have any here, so I have to wait for trips to TX or AZ to get my fix.
We had a great time and hopefully we will go back next year. It will probably take that long for our finances to recover...


Danielle said...

I love the river walk! I got to go there the summer after I graduated college! It was such a neat place! I'm glad you guys had fun!

Nicole said...

You know my Grandfather lives in NM and I have several friends and relatives in TX. I am way over due for a visit. I'm glad you had a great vacation.