Friday, June 30, 2006


Have you ever been misunderstood by the one person who is supposed to get you and it's so bad that he assumes you meant one thing and you totally didn't and then he starts becoming this anal jerk who keeps acting like you are such a horrible person and that you always(nobody ALWAYS anything)act a certain way, so much so that he thinks he has to pre-empt things by being a jerk again, and then he can't even listen to reason and he does things that he accuses you of doing but yet he can't or won't see that he is doing them himself and that it all is just causing this huge rift that you don't even know anymore if you even want it to be fixed, and you just want to wrap your hands around his neck and squeeze until his eyes bug out, and then since you have his attention, then you can start to talk about things except that you see he took off his wedding ring and you keep thinking that if that's all it takes to make things over, wow, what the hell have we been struggling for if at the drop of a hat we give in after all these years, and if you can't be heard and not judged and backed up once in a while that you don't want to feel like you could just walk away and never look back and start all over w/a new list of things that you will never settle for and does counseling really work or is it too late and that this person should just trust you by now because he's never had any reason not to, and know that you can't force things and the more that you do the more defiant I get and it makes me crazy to be told to do something or to even be expected and then you think how did I get myself into this and what in the sam hill was I thinking and that you can't handle it and you just want to go into a closet and mysteriously disappear?
No. Oh. Ok then.

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Anonymous said...

er, uh, YES

you probably don't know this because i do not speak of it on my blog, but i've been through a lot of crap with marriage. been to a lot of counselors, have tons of knowledge. he sounds passive aggressive. if you want to talk or pick my brain i would be more than happy to listen. believe me, i've been there!

email me, maybe i can help

not going into it here because a certain person follows me all over the blogs.