Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Hurricane

I can't believe my little boy turned 6 yesterday and I didn't even blog it. Maybe it's because I keep hoping if I ignore it, it will go away? It's so hard for me to be happy when my kids have a birthday. I am very thankful that they are healthy and growing, but I hate that they have to keep getting older! Not only for the fact that it means that I, too, am getting older, but I just wish I could keep them in a bubble. My little Hurricane has lost all baby fat and he looks like a BOY now. He's not a toddler, or even a little guy so much anymore. He's still way adorable and sweet, but he keeps asking when he will start first grade. I'm not ready to have him in first grade and a middle schooler on top of that?!!! It's too much for me to handle.
Last night when he came to say goodnight to me, he put his little hand on the top of my head and was playing w/my hair. It was such a grown up gesture. Excuse me while I hide in the bathroom and cry...
I'm very proud of my little guy and I love him so much it hurts! Since I can't keep it from happening I guess we might as well celebrate. So, once again we are venturing out to a pizza place that kids love to go to and parents take them only because they love their kids so much and can't say no. Besides, I don't know that they will want to go there for very much longer, and that means that they will be getting even more mature and want to do grown up things, which eventually then they won't want to be with the family at all. I think we'll just make Chuck E. Cheese a tradition and I don't care how old they get, that will be their birthday dinner! After all, the only reason people have kids is to do the housecleaning and to have someone to publicly humiliate, right? :)

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