Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm axing you this

My friend UFAand I have been having a "discussion" about proper grammar. Namely that I know it and he doesn't!
Here are a few of my favorites:
"I like these ones"
"Where are you at?"
"Wow, the rain is really coming down!"
"I am just going to take one day at a time."
"Is it hot enough for you?"
"Are you ready for school?"

Ok, so they aren't all about grammar, but they are all annoying!
What about you, are there sayings that you hate?

BTW-make sure you snap the lid to the pretzels ALL.THE.WAY.DOWN.


UFA said...

I should start working from home.

Sandra said...

It's a true fact.

Any sentence with the word (I don't think it is a word) 'anyways'.

What's in it for me?

How you doin'?

All I can think of right now.


Anonymous said...

i like your weird little eyeballs on that avatar

i hate when people ask redundant questions like "is it hot enough for you" it makes me want to give a really stupid answer.

how about 'you's guys". i hate that.
or "hows about"
or "whose are theses"
or "i don't want none"
or "i aint got none"

i think it's all about sounding kinda dumb

how about posts with numerous spelling and grammatical errors. how do you like those.

abqchunk said...

Susie-OH MY WORD! I can't stand spelling errors or grammatical errors.
I used to have a friend that I hated to get letters from because she misspelled everything, even my name! I always had my red pen handy and sadly, I was relieved when we stopped writing to each other.
I should have been an editor or something...

McBunni said...

I found you through Singerzwife....

I use all but one of those sayings! LOL I know every time I say "Where are you at?" that it is not correct. But I can't break the habit! Hee hee!

I have a couple people here at work that have the worse grammer ever!!!!!!!!!! I just want to hit "them people" right up side the head sometimes!

I hope everything's correct on my comment. Now I'm nervous!