Friday, September 01, 2006

Bragging Rights

I have to brag. We went to the Hurricane's Open House at school the other night. (we all know H's notorious past in regards to school "issues.") Needless to say, we weren't exactly chomping at the bit to attend this particular soiree. It seemed important to the H so we went.
We went to his classroom. We looked at his desk. We checked out all his papers and journals. Rele noticed one binder w/bar graphs showing different areas of progress. All the bars were colored in to the top. Hmmmm....
H's teacher comes over to greet us. She says she has to tell us that she was warned that H was all crazy like, and had to be watched, or some bullcrap like that, that some neurotic person who doesn't know how to deal w/rambunctious boys fed her, because hello, boys aren't supposed to make noise and wrestle and be all BOY like.
Whew. Sorry. Back to the moral of the story.
She then tells us, that, that is NOT the H she knows. The Hurricane has been nothing but polite and helpful, and respectful, and even on the playground she hasn't noticed anything to be alarmed about. I.E.-nothing to give him a stupid re-direction slip for!!
We tell her that he was so excited to have participated in the Fantastic Fun day. We told her that in fact, it was his first one, because last year with THAT OTHER teacher, he never got to go. She.was.flabbergasted people. She kept saying she didn't believe us. I said, he didn't get through the first week w/o a $@#$^#^&^ pink slip.
She was *beside* herself w/disbelief! She said our son was a joy to have and that she wanted to keep him for herself and she wished her whole class was made up of Hurricane's. (More or less, I might be paraphrasing just a bit)
Oh, and BY THE WAY, she would like to know if she can turn his name in to the people that test kids for *gifted classes* because he is already at a second grade reading level. His comprehension of words and such is beyond everyone else.
Say it with me, please-BOO YA!!!!
My little baby H is a smart boy and he displays good manners for his teacher! I almost hugged her and licked her face. We had such a horrible Kindergarten year and struggled so much w/his teacher and that stupid counselor, that to hear her praise our son, it was such a weight off our shoulders. I'm so glad that this teacher seems much more in control of the class and of course she obviously knows a good student when she sees one!
I think this calls for a margarita to celebrate getting through the first month of school without incident from the H man!
Now, as for the other two spawn...


Mama C-ta said...

That's awesome to hear such praise about your boy. But I can't believe she was "warned." That's all a kid needs to know that he's looked down upon for acting like what he is, a young boy. What is wrong w/ some adults?

Sandra said...

Wow, congrats! Some people just shouldn't be teachers. Unfortunately they don't recognize that.

My neice was in the gifted program and just graduated high school in June. She's starting in biomedicine next week at University.

So good luck to all of you!

By the way, my sister's stepdaughter got married in that church 14 years ago.


Anonymous said...

i know too well, that a teacher can make or break a kids year.

Anonymous said...

Everything should be celebrated with margaritas. Everything.