Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The best laid plans

Tonight we are supposed to go to the state fair. I got tickets for my mom to see the rodeo (translation=guys in tight jeans)
  • The H man came in this morning and said his tummy hurt. I basically told him to suck it up and get ready for school. I'm from the go anyway and then if you are still sick at least they know you're not faking it generation. So, we'll see if I get a call from the nurse letting me know to come pick up my child. Please note- he ate a pop tart for breakfast and was loading up on doritos for lunch.
  • My computer is telling me there is a SEVERE weather alert for ABQ tonight.
  • Rele called when he got home from work, the ER in the hospital downtown. They saw two people last night who had been shot walking to their car from the state fair.
  • Today is Dollar Day at the fair! Which means everyone in the state will be there because it's only a dollar to park and a dollar to get in! Yay! You know how well I do in crowds.
    I'll let you know how goes, if it goes...
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