Friday, September 22, 2006

The Hurricane

The Hurricane hung out with me at work yesterday afternoon. Here is a drawing he did for me. I have blue hair. He was going to give me red, and I said I didn't like red, and he said, "ok, blue hair then." I almost got red eyes, too, but I gently suggested the black.
After the portrait I put him on a laptop and hooked him up with the disney channel games. He navigated around a laptop like nobody's business! He played game after game, and read all the little instructions by himself. He talked away at the game, to UFA, and to me.
Thanks for keeping me company little guy!


Anonymous said...

that portrait qualifies you for the new bloghottie club

Beckster said...

at least ya didnt get rainbow colored hair;)


Kristen said...

Lovin the blue hair.