Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mi Hijo

Tonight I gave the boys a haircut. I know, how do I find the time when I am a working mom and I send them to public school so obviously I am not teaching them anything and why would I take time to cut their hair myself because Hello! we all know working moms don't like their kids and don't bother to even acknowledge them?! In case you missed it, here is a basic rundown:
working mom + public school = you are SO going to Hell!
stay @ home mom + they stay at home, so what more is there? = pure, unadulterated, straight to Heaven, perfect person!

Sorry, we are so over all that so let me try again here.
The boys got a haircut tonight. As I was cutting my oldest son's hair, I looked down at his feet and I am in a state of shock. He has MAN feet! He no longer has the little chubby boy feet. They are long and narrow and we wear the same size shoe right now. Which isn't really a major accomplishment since my feet are small, size 5 to 5 1/2, but still, HIS feet are as big as mine. I really do enjoy seeing my kids grow up and learn new things and I am a bit anxious to see what they will do with their lives, but somehow I thought it wouldn't really happen right now. Or so fast. Or ever, really. It's bad enough that he's in middle school and rides his bike to school.(ok, enough w/all the gasping and vespers! Honestly! I might as well tell you also that I let them drink soda sometimes and I have cheetos and pop tarts for them to eat. AND sometimes we have cereal for--DINNER. Yikes!)
Moving on.
My son is becoming a quazi-man. I don't like it.
Reality isn't really so much fun sometimes, but then your son says, "I like your shoes mom," and you know, some girl had better thank her lucky stars for her MIL, who taught her son well. Then she better thank her lucky stars that I don't punch her in the face for thinking that she could ever be good enough for my son and she better never cross me or else! So, I'm probably not ready for him to have a girlfriend yet?
Not so much. I better look into some after-school sports...


Anonymous said...

ohhhh, i feed my son popcorn on a regular basis, but i don't cut his hair. he is too squirmy, so how do you get them to hold still????

abqchunk said...

I started when they were very young and I think the sound of the clippers and my stern voice, scared them into submission!

Danielle said...

I eat cereal for dinner all the time! :)

EmmaSometimes said...

Oh, if the kids eat it at dinner time, it can also be for breakfast. Who says that something is only nutritious before 11am or after 5pm?