Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Fair

We ate: stuffed sopaipillas w/green chile & beans, frito pie, corn dogs, funnel cake, cotton candy & picked up an indian taco for the hubbs.
We saw: horses, a duck & her babies, a pig & her babies, a dog & her babies, a goat & her babies, a pygmy goat & her babies, a donkey, a cow, people get shot into the air on a rubber band, & TONS of freaky people. I thought of all the material I could send to susiebadoozie and will now start working on the hubbs for a camera phone...
We also saw: PRCA Rodeo. We saw bucking bronco riders, and rodeo clowns, and calf roping, and riding-around-three-barrels-really-fast(I'm positive that's the technical name for the event) We saw a man jump over a car standing on the back of two horses!

The Hurricane stayed at school all day. I originally only had two tickets for the rodeo and was going to send my mom and Travidoo, but at the last minute I got two more tickets, so we all got to sit in the box seats, which means we were two rows up from the arena. Dirt was flying, horses were RIGHTTHERE, cowboys were walking by, it was very exciting. (no honey, we weren't "checking" anyone out, it was just fun to be so close. I only have eyes for you. How do you feel about Wranglers, though? JUST KIDDING!)
The severe weather alert did come about, mostly high winds and then on our way home, hurricane like rain.
Transportation and entrace to state fair: $10
Food at the state fair: $40
PRCA Rodeo: $0, compliments of my work
Experiencing all the interesting types of people from our enchanted state: priceless
So priceless, I don't want to see any of them again until next year.

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Anonymous said...

yea really. seeing that many freaks all in one place is enough to last you a lifetime. hey, go here and check this freak