Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another new purse

Yes, I'm on a missione for a new purse. I did just receive my denim w/red trim Dooney, which I love,love,love. (#7 has had many an adventure since she's come into my life. All the exciting things of a 30 something year old. You know, ironing, laundry, vacuuming, she's even accompanied me to the couch for a nap!) I know it's weird and only some people will get it, but now I would like an orange purse. Beautiful orange, like the color of my walls, or possibly my new car. Hmm. Maybe I'm lacking something in my diet? But, I digress. I don't want to spend $200. for said purse, which I have no problem with, but this isn't a new investment. It's a whim and I don't want to feel guilty about it, when in a few months, I no longer want to carry an orange purse and the lucky dogs at Salvation Army will then be blessed w/an orange purse. The problem is, I am unable to locate an orange purse in the style I want and the price I want. Why, why am I so cursed?!!!

Okay, really, I do want an orange purse and have been painstakingly scouring the malls and superstores for an orange purse, but I have not had any luck. Nothing quite so dramatic but it's fun to write. I will keep you "posted" on the search...


Beckster said...

I have one "purse". and I dont think it really counts as a has Vegas landmarks on it....Why oh why did I never get the need for purse shopping...I am jealous of you and your purses...maybe one day you can post pictures of your purses.... By the way!!! Tell me about the new car...congratulations on your new purchases;)


abqchunk said...

No new car. I can't find one in a fun color! That's such a girl thing to say, I know.
I am working on a display for my purses, so I will take a picture and post it when it's done. Don't be jealous, all the purses and shoes, and shopping is an affliction! If I didn't shop, I might be able to go places instead. Oh well, such is life.

Beckster said...

my shopping addiction is music...thats why I work overtime when its time for vacation;)If more stores had wide width shoes then I would own more shoes...I cant even find a good pair of heels... and I really want a pair :( OH well, for now I will be green with envy at you;)


UFA said...

You need a motorcycle. If you dont like the color, you can paint it anything you want...on the CHEAP! How fun is that?

You can use the gas savings to pay for the paint job

Sandra said...

Good luck on your quest for an orange purse. I used to have a lot of purses but used only one. Now due to lack of space I have 2 black ones, one I bought at a flea market near Palm Springs, all leather, lots of pockets, compact, great purse. The other is a dressy up purse which I don't use very often as living in an RV you don't dress up that often.

We're back in Ontario, Canada now. Really liked Albuquerque though, especially Old Town. You must be getting some pretty warm weather. We've had mid 70s temperatures here so it's been a nice return home.