Friday, April 07, 2006

My Husband

Can I just tell you what an amazing husband I have?! He is so perfect for me and I can't believe that God has blessed me w/such a wonderful man. He spoils me so much it's not even funny. He makes me feel secure in our relationship, in myself, and in life. He doesn't make me feel self- conscious about my weight, or any of my other gazillion insecurities. He does housework, cooking, and takes care of the kids! Don't get me wrong, he's not perfect. He's a bit of a bad boy and likes to see how far he can push me sometimes. We are such opposites and almost never like the same thing, or have much in common, and we both came into this marriage w/a TON of baggage. We met and married in a month, each w/a child, and we have worked so hard to keep it together. I bring this up because we have a couple of friends that are having a really rough time in their marriages and it's something that is so hard to see happen. So, I'm thinking of all the good things my husband does and I'm always thankful that we can have fun and work together and strive to reach the same goals.When we do have conflict, Rele is usually the peacemaker and tries to make sure we talk things out. That's no easy task, believe me. I'm a control freak, a perfectionist, stubborn, prideful and a bunch of other things we don't need to get into, because this is about Rele.
example:He's been running early in the mornings for at least the past year. I decide to join a gym because our stupid treadmill doesn't work. It's not that it's broken, it's that I've used it at least a half a dozen or so times, and HELLO!!! I'm still not in the pound range I want to be. Anyway, so I join a gym and try a couple of different times to go, and find that in the morning will work the best. So, Rele says fine, and he's been getting up a half hour before the crack of dawn, just so he can be back in time for me to go to my workout! Priceless.
I don't deserve him but I'm keeping him and I hope that I can be half the person he is.(Not just because that's how much I want to weigh either.) ;)
Oh, and have I mentioned that he's going to tattoo my name on his chest AND that he rides a Harley?! That's hot.


Beckster said...

Your talking about the same Mr. Rele that I know,right?;)Just joking....he's ok;)LOL


UFA said...

I am told every marriage has it's rough spots. I remember your first couple of years and there were more than just "rough spots". Now It seems you get to reap the rewards of perseverance and committment. Many today would rather throw in the towel at the first sign of challenge, but you guys become an example to those who will come after you. You have chosen the high road and will have a poitive legacy to pass on.

Rittenauer said...

Chunk, what you and Rele have is, sad to say, rare. Most who reach and face the challenges that both of you have dealt with give up without putting forth the effort. They never get to obtain the benefits of a deeper lover, stronger marriage, and unending faith. Just continue to do as you've done as it works. Cherish each and everyday that you have with him and your children, and take the trials one day at time together.

Beckster said...

I'll do your laundry...just don't make me fold anything;)