Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Everyday Stuff

I realized I haven't posted in a while so I will fill you in on general stuff. Last week Rele and I were inducted into the hall of fame! Ok, we were just presented w/certificates from our church that we completed the new members class. It was exciting. I've never been an official member as an adult w/o my parents. Anyway, Mr. Rockstar played drums on Wed. night and for Sunday Easter services. He is so cute up there playing his little heart out! I have quite a conflict because I'm in church, but my husband is soooo sexy on the drums! Anyway, Travis played the part of God in a skit in his classroom. He did a very good job! Grandma & Grandpa came to see him and when he first came on stage Hunter yells, "There's Travis!"
There's not much else going on. I am impatiently wating on my newest purchase. It's a banana bag, Dooney & Bourke, denim w/red trim!!! I'm too excited to sleep!

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