Thursday, April 06, 2006

Travis: Taylar, did you see the pig get killed?
Taylar: What pig?
Travis: Grandma said at the matanza that you guys were going to see a pig get killed.
Taylar: Oh yeah. By the time we got there they already killed it.
Hunter: EEEEWWWW, why would anyone ever want to kill a pig?!
Travis: You like bacon don't you?
Hunter: Yes.
Travis: Well, bacon comes from pigs.
Hunter: No it doesn't! Mom gets it from the store.

My job is done. He knows hot dogs, hamburger, and chicken come from the store also.

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Beckster said...

LOL! That was me when I was a kid. I thought my mom went to the store and it just magically appeared;) When I was a kid I thought there were little men in the tv that worked the know...they acted from the comfort of my home;)Ah to be young again:)