Saturday, July 01, 2006

Humble pie anyone?

Yes, I do the myspace thing. Mainly because the husband has like 3 profiles and I was sick of seeing all these "girls" on it and then my brother and his girlfriend got a profile so I figured why not? It will give me something else to do besides stalk my own mate. So, last night my adorable little cousin found me and I added her to my friends list. She's not little like young, she's 16, she's little like how you just want to hug her and squeeze her because she is so cute and sweet!
I was perusing her page and went to her blog and she has quite insightful thoughts about scripture and her relationship w/God. I have always admired my aunt and uncle for the amazing job they have done raising such good kids that are responsible and enjoyable to be around. You also know right away that they are christians and they are the best examples you would ever hope to meet of how we should all live. I know they aren't perfect, but we have an interesting family, who doesn't right? Well, I'm sure they have struggled w/not being bitter and hateful and resentful, most of us on this side of the family have, but they continue to be loving and hardworking and just plain nice, when they certainly don't have to be.
So, the humbling part for me is that I'm looking at my cousins blog and she has such a sense of who she is and where she needs to be. She is a young girl in a public high school and she is quoting scripture and writing about how it affects her life and how she needs to try harder to incorporate what she believes into her every day.
The one thing she said that sticks in my mind was "If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it."
Thanks Jones, for being such a beautiful person and for making me remember that what I'm facing isn't impossible if I would just look to the right place. Love ya little rocker girl!


Danielle said...

"If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it!" WOW! What wise words from such a young source! I'll have to remember that quote!

Joni Marie said...

Wow, thanks cuz! I'm glad I could be somewhat of an inspiration to you!! =]

Anonymous said...

that is so awsome about your cousin, what an inpiration for kids who struggle to stand up for their faith. at that age, it is the hardest time to keep at it, and if she's doing all that, i think she is going to go places in this world!

Prudence said...

Oooooh I love that comment "If God brings you to it, He'll bring you through it". I think thats a GREAT "refrigerator quote!"

Thanks for checking out my blog. Danielle's a buddy of mine. Her hubby and my hubby are in a Christian rock band together.

Thanks for the advice on what to do with my "locker room" dilema! I think I just need to try it...ya know...Let go and Let God...but...oohhh its sooo hard to do...they are my little babies and I would never forgive myself if something happened to them.

I am also on myspace... my link is on my blog side bar.

I'll be back to check your blog periodically :)