Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Ok, so this might seem cold, but, this guy that's an American that got run over by the bulls in Spain and is now paralyzed, are we supposed to feel sorry for him? I mean the guy knew exactly what he was going there for. He saved up his money, he made sure he had a passport, he planned a trip w/the express intent of "running w/the bulls." They pack these narrow, cobblestone streets w/a gazillion people, none of whom are even from the city anymore. Those people go on vacation because they don't want to deal w/the craziness. So, the streets are packed w/men who are most likely drunk, and then they release these WILD ANIMALS into the streets, they taunt them and see if they can out run them! Brilliant! Now, I don't have anything against the tradition. I'm not sure why or when it started, but it's a popular event and if people want to run w/bulls in Spain, that's great. I'm just irritated that the media is presenting this story like some kind of tragedy. Also, there were a number of other people hurt, who of course weren't Americans, so who really cares, right? And we wonder why our country is disliked?
Anyway, I'm sorry that he is now paralyzed, but he knew that was a risk going into it.

Whew! I feel better now.


UFA said...

Well, we have to be sensitive to the fact that the maybe he was bored with vacationing at the typical Disneyland, etc....so the next obvious choice is ...BULLS. Disneyland is supposed to be safe, right?

It's like those poor souls who voluntarily join the military and take an oath, and then end up in a war. After all there wasn't a war when they signed up. They just wanted the GI bill....stupid world not going the the way it should.

Sandra said...

I heartily agree with you. I, too, am sorry that this happened to him but you pays your money, you takes your chances. If you run with the bulls, you're apt to get the horn!