Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Reality Check

The thing about "reality t.v." is that it SUCKS! We just finished watching Project Runway, and hello! how can they send Malan home?! Did they not hear his heart wrenching story of how awful his mom was to him? He's so soft spoken and obviously has talent, he just needed more time! (you know how the sports teams always say that? "we would have won it, we just needed more time" anyone?)
These shows are so infuriating because it's never the right people that should get sent home. Don't even get me started on Supernova. As far as I can tell, none of those people can actually sing. I refuse to watch it. At least w/that show I can walk away. Really, who needs to see Brooke every 5 seconds w/her perfect body and hair and teeth, in tiny clothes reminding me of how flawed I am? (If you're a male, don't EVEN answer that)
It's even more upsetting when you can't not watch. Yes, I'm going to go there-American Idol. Chris Daughtery, who of course will win in the end because he's got real talent, he's popular, and he seems humble about it. McStupid and Taylor "spaz" Hicks should never have been the last two standing!
And of course some other guilty pleasures of mine are, "The Real Housewives of the O.C.," MTV's "Laguna Beach," and "The Hills." They all irritate the snot out of me, yet I can't miss a show!
There are some that I have been banned from watching because it makes me too mad and Rele gets tired of hearing me rant about them. Por ejemplo, "Dr. 90210." I can't stand how Haley is always complaining about how she doesn't see her husband, then goes out and buys a FIVE million dollar home, which guess what that means?! He has to work MORE to pay for this extravagant lifestyle that she probably doesn't want to give up. I can't even talk about the daughter and how they let her be such a brat and then when she hit her grandma?! I was done. All her mom said was, "Sydney! That wasn't nice." and the child says, "you're not nice!" and walks away, and blondie just shakes her head like, well, what more can I do? Yeah, wait until she's 16, then she what she comes up with. OR "Sweet Sixteen" Rich, spoiled, smart-mouthed little brats who have no idea what it's like to actually earn something, so hey, let's put them on T.V. and we'll make them think they are even more special and can treat not only anyone who dares to cross their path like garbage, but especially their parents! AND THEN they get a car to top it all off, and it's not just any car, it's one I would never be able to afford in my lifetime, but at 16, they really do deserve it.
You see? You see why I'm not allowed to watch these shows anymore. I'm just too black and white. I'm all about rules and "chain of command" and just plain being respectful. My parents raised me respect authority and to work hard, to be appreciative of what I've got, and they taught me manners.
Thank you Mom & Dad for not raising me to think that the world owes me something.
Although, I do want one of those T-shirts that says, "As a matter of fact, the world does revolve around me!" I also like the one that says, "It's cute how you think I'm listening to you." Oooh, and another must have. "Boys are stinky, throw rocks at them."


Danielle said...

I totally agree...reality shows suck but they are like car accidents...horrible but you can't keep yourself from staring!

Beckster said...

yeah!!! throw rocks at the stinky boys;)


Badoozie said...

you lost me on all the reality shows, but i love your t-shirts!!

abqchunk said...

susie-that's right, no cable.
I'll be right there w/you pretty soon. My husband will be starting nursing school and we'll have to do away w/all the "extras" Maybe then I can just turn the T.V. off and get something done!