Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Only in NM

Apparently there is a new way to change lanes while in traffic. Have you heard about it? I guess it's a new and improved way and the MVD* hasn't sent out notices yet so I will enlighten you. Ok, here's how it goes. You are driving in commute traffic, aka-rush hour, on the freeway, going 65+ miles an hour. You need to change lanes? First, you slam on your brakes, ON.THE.FREEWAY. then you throw on your blinker, which is very optional in this state, and then you look, preferably in the direction that you are aiming to move to, but of course, this is also highly optional, then while you still have your foot on the brake, you careen over into the next lane. I have not only seen this once, I see this just about every day, to and from work. I felt it was my civic duty to inform everyone of the new technique that really seems to be catching on! I think it's time I looked into this bus system our mayor keeps talking about.
So, to review, while going really fast, with lots of cars all around you, slam on your brakes, flip the blinker, careen into the next lane. Got it?
I'm going to practice on my way to church tonight...

*I grew up in CA where it's D.M.V. Why do so many things have to be backwards here?


Heather said...

Good to know! I think that has caught on in Montana to! ;)

EmmaSometimes said...

Just make sure it's on the way into the church parking lot. U-turns in a narrow two lane road are also acceptable.

Thanks for the laugh.

UFA said...

I've experienced it. That particular lane-changing maneuver seems to be the perfect compliment to the official turning technique of the state of NM, Where decisiveness is considered a personality flaw. When approaching your desired break in the median to make your turn...simply ooozzz into it...but not fully! you must occupy 2 lanes as your momentum ceases.

You can ask why, but you be getting your answer from someone that thinks "that's just how it's done".

abqchunk said...

OR there's the classic "blinker fake-out" where the driver puts the blinker on to turn left* and then suddenly turns right!
*It's amazing that the blinker is even utilized in the first place

Beckster said...

I saw a little bit of that in Denver last weekend...but Im used to it being from here and all;)