Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Mission Accomplished! I am now the proud owner of one Harley orange leather purse! Thank you, PDC for coming with on my quest. I can now relax and enjoy my Mother's Day gift that Rele doesn't know he bought for me yet. So, I should be set for a few months. At least until Dooney comes out w/a new line!
More importantly, tonight was my second time helping in the nursery @ church. I always thought that's where I should be, because I love babies and mine are now way past that stage. But, now I'm not so sure. I don't know if it's the lack of direction or organization, but I just don't think things are run very smoothly. I had a little one tonight, for the entire.night. She was extremely fussy and could stick out her bottom lip like no one's business. Which, I guess that's ok. That's what I'm there for. I guess I can't really complain unless I'm willing to do more & right now, I'm not. I love our church & I'm so happy that we as a family are excited to go, so I really just want to go and experience church. Does that make sense? I'm thrilled that Rele plays the drums & Travieso got to be in a skit, & was baptized, & hopefully TaylarDayne & Hurricane will do their thing. I'm content right now. I'm content just to watch my husband be sexy playing drums while he's serving God(I've already talked about my issues w/that), & I'm content to just be a wife & mom. I'm content to go & try to learn & to cultivate a better relationship w/my savior. I'm content right now to be there for my kids & to take them to their class & to pick them up & to discuss what we all learned in church.
I guess I'm just not ready to leave my duties up to Travieso & to let go of the small amount of time I have left to be there for them when they still want me. I feel like being in the nursery is too much right now just because of what I have to give up. I have to be there a half hour before the service, so my kids sit around and then have to get themselves to class, I don't get to be there to pick them up, I don't get to sit w/my love during church & hear our awesome pastor speak.
Ok. I'm definitely letting them know that I just can't commit right now. If they need me to bake a cake or pie, done. If they need me to donate candy or put gift bags together, totally DONE.
The weird thing is, when we first joined the church they give you this little "aptitude" test to help you decide where you have strengths & what you are suited for. My #1 was-Nursery!
It says my "primary motivational gift is PERCEPTION: You have a strong inner prompting and ability to perceive what is right vs. wrong, good vs. evil or true vs. false. You possess an intense desire to correct what you see as wrong.(That's why I HAVE to yell at people who don't.use.their.BLINKER!!) You possess an inner prompting to bring others to a point of accountability and conviction. You tend to be whole-hearted in your involvements."
Maybe that's why I am not feeling the nursery thing. My heart's not in it right now.
I really like my orange purse though! I know, Becca, I will get some pix up. eventually.

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