Monday, May 15, 2006

I've had it!

This is it. I'm done. Someone's cat in our neighborhood thinks it's so much fun to kill little birds and leave them on our porch. I've tried to let it go. I've tried the spray that they supposedly hate. I've tried for the last time. When I went to plant my rose bush yesterday for Mother's Day, I had to pick up somebody else's pets POOP! I'm sick of it! Why, just because you own a cat should everyone else have to participate in the upkeep?! I don't have an animal by choice. If I did, would it be ok for me to let my dog run the streets, killing small animals? Is it ok if I let it poop anywhere it pleases and not pick it up? It's no different for CATS. Not only does it leave half eaten bird carcasses on my porch, but then it leaves blood splotches which then attract bugs, which is right under the window where my boys sleep. If you have a cat don't be surprised if you get a call from the animal shelter-across town! (*^&* &^%$&^^&*(#%)(*%*&()$


Sandra said...

As you know, we live in an RV and my biggest complaint about most campgrounds are people not picking up after their pets. I don't know who they think is supposed to do it. If someone has an animal, it is their responsibility to pick up after it. Don't blame you a bit!


Beckster said...

I heard once that if a cat leaves a "present" on your door it means they love you. Now the pet poop I don't have a handy ancedote for but I can add....Ewww,Gross!!;)Good luck in the great fight and have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

That's what I said Becca! I think the cat digs us, but it's got to be destroyed!

Beckster said...
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Beckster said...

but usually the cat lives with you when they leave "presents" for you. Maybe said cat knows you dont like it and just wants to gross you out and tick you off...animals are funny like that;)


Mama C-ta said...

Oh man, that's annoying! I'm a dog owner and would never just leave their poop laying around anywhere other than our own backyard which in itself is gross. Nothing says good morning like a carcass :)

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