Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Gym

I've been really good about going to the gym. Dare I say, I even enjoy it. I've been averaging 3-4 days a week. How much have I lost you ask? Absolutely nothing. Anyway, I will give it another few months or so, since according to Rele, I try things once or twice and if it doesn't work I give up. Whatever. Ok, so I'm like the guy that stands on the scale, put his headphones on, runs around the room and gets back on the scale and is upset because he still weighs the same.
Anyway, this post is about the woman at the gym that my mom and I call the Gestapo. She is all of about 5 foot and 100 pounds. When she is working out there everyone knows it. She's the kind that has to stomp on the steps and at the "resting stations" she is feverishly working up a sweat. Like we can't already see how tiny she is and don't already want to scratch her eyes out for not having any fat on her. When she gets on a machine she pumps so fast and furious I can't believe she hasn't popped a blood vessel yet. The part that always get my mom and I laughing and rolling our eyes though is the hula hoop. They have these hula hoop/torture devices. They have these bumps on the inside that I guess are supposed to beat your middle into submission. You start out w/5 minute sessions and ideally work up to 15 minutes. Well, Little Miss Gestapo has the 15 min. down pat. She does her workout then has to run outside and get her magazine. She literally stands in the middle, starts that hula hoop, and goes for 15 min. Heaven forbid if she doesn't have a mag. to read. If that happens she stands there w/her arms crossed and GLARES at everyone. She glares at us, like "how dare you work out when I'm here because obviously you all don't work hard enough like I do." What's up with that? Get over yourself already!


Beckster said...

Yep...I'm not to found of the gym...I've heard to many horror stories about em...ewwww...just the thought gives me the heeby jeebies...besides I dont want to torment others by me being in anything tight;)


Danielle said...

Hey abqchunk, I found your blog throuh your comment on mcbunni's blog. I joined the gym in December and I can't tell you how much I relate to this post! I see so many people who act like gym nazi's. I'm friends with one of the aerobic instructors at my gym, and she even gets emails from some of the really obsessed ones, GRADING her on her classes! How pathetic!