Friday, May 12, 2006


Appetizer: I was shamelessly flirted w/today at lunch. He had beautiful dark blue eyes and such kissable cheeks! I would have taken him home w/me if I could have. But, people generally frown upon strange women taking their baby. Yes, he was only about 8 mos. old, but he wouldn't stop smiling at me w/his two little teeth and a smidgen of chili on his cheek. Cuteness!
1st course: Travieso & I got to watch the '81 49er playoff game against the stinky Cryboys. (Dallas Cowboys in case you didn't know) I got to point out all the guys I grew up watching and had even met a few when we used to go to the training camp. My son was so jazzed to see the Legends in action. I must admit that even though I knew the outcome, I was getting pretty worried that they weren't going to pull out of it. The best part was, that they took a 4 hour game and condensed it into an hour and a half! Then, the finale, "The Catch" between Joe Montana and Dwight Clark. The fans were stunned, the Crybabyboys earned their name. Priceless.
2nd Course: The Hurricane went an ENTIRE week w/o a redirection slip! Yay for H! Good job!
(no matter that there is only 7 days left of school and he gets the hang of it. I'll take what I can get.)
Dessert: Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's! My mom is so cool and she is an excellent example of a strong, independant, Godly, Mom. I love her w/all my heart.
Thank you to my rockstar hubby who makes it feel like Mother's Day almost every day for me. Oh, and thank you for the flowers and card-hint, hint. & some chocolate.

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Beckster said...

Good job Hurricane...but dont let the "Man" hold you down;)And Jeanette, Stop flirting with babies...the moms may get mad at you for it;)